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Did you know you can pay for Zakat with eWallets?

Get our in-depth guide containing all you need to know about making payment for zakat with eWallets in Malaysia for 2020. Step by Step using Boost & GoPayz eWallets.

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We help you find the most rewarding eWallet for your everyday purchases.  

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We have done the homework to help you find the most rewarding eWallets deals and more with easy-to-use comparisons.

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We tell you exactly the most rewarding eWallet to use for everyday purchases at your favourite stores to enjoy the most savings.

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Stop carrying wad of cash in your pocket that could get lost. eWallets are safer and more secure alternatives.

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Eat? Shop? Travel? No problem.Tell us what you love and we'll find the most rewarding eWallet for you.

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Pay using the most rewarding eWallet and enjoy great savings.

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"I am confused by the number of ewallets in Malaysia and I don’t know which one to use. A service like eWhallet helps me decide which one is better suited for my needs each time."

Fatimah A. - Petaling Jaya


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Most Malaysians are missing out on the best eWallets deals. We help them identify the most rewarding eWallet so that they can enjoy great savings and rewards.

We are #1 in Malaysia: We are the #1 eWallet comparison site in Malaysia. 

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