Buy groceries, earn cashback! Tesco’s latest campaign saves you money when you pay with Boost this CMCO | eWhallet

Buy groceries, earn cashback! Tesco’s latest campaign saves you money when you pay with Boost this CMCO

11/13/2020Shen Lee

Since the first MCO, many Malaysians have taken more to cooking at home. Groceries have always been a huge part of our lives (and bills), but their role has increased drastically as a result of dining out less.

If you’re anything like us, your grocery bills have probably reached an all-time high these past few months. If only you could earn cashback every time you spend on groceries

Good news! In light of the growing concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic, Boost eWallet has partnered with Tesco to help you save more when you shop for groceries and essentials at Tesco.

How does this campaign help me save on my groceries?

The campaign between Boost and Tesco involves 3 different Boost Missions you can choose from. Most Boosties will be familiar with Boost Missions, as they’re a fun way to earn extra rewards. 

Spend RM50 Mission: For the single home cook.

Only have one mouth to feed? If you typically opt for the smaller basket at the supermarket instead of the trolley, you can get cashback too!

The first Mission is geared towards singles who live alone. So working adults and students, listen up! 

spend a minimum of RM50 twice within 14 days. In return, you get to enjoy RM5 Tesco Wallet!

Spend RM80 Mission: For the couple living together.

One great thing about this campaign is how it caters to everyone, regardless of how much groceries you need.

While Mission 1 caters to those with a smaller grocery budget and the last Mission for those with a heavier one, this Mission lies somewhere smack in the middle. 

spend a minimum of RM80 twice within 30 days to enjoy RM8 Tesco Wallet. 

Spend RM100 Mission: For the groceries-heavy family.

For the last Mission, all you have to do is spend a minimum of RM100 for 3 times within 30 days. In return, you can enjoy RM10 Tesco Wallet!

For those of us with large families to feed, we know that RM300 worth of groceries for a single month doesn’t stretch very far. A whole chicken is at least RM10 - RM15, and doesn’t even make a filling lunch for a family of five.

The great thing about this campaign is that the RM300 can be spread out over the course of 30 days! This means you can simply do your grocery shopping as usual, just make sure that each receipt is a minimum of RM100.

Wait, there’s more? 

Tesco cashback aside, every completed Mission will also automatically earn you RM5 Kenny Rogers Roasters Wallet + RM3 Secret Recipe Wallet. That’s a whole lot of cashback!

On top of all that, you also stand a chance to win monthly prizes worth up to RM500 whenever you spend at Tesco. The prizes up for grabs include even more savings for your next grocery trips to Tesco & even more Boost Coins! Such as:

  • RM500 Tesco Wallet X 20 winners

  • RM200 Tesco Wallet X 40 winners

  • RM50 Tesco Wallet X 30 winners

  • RM30 worth in Boost Coins X 60 winners

With this campaign, your usual grocery trips take on a whole new meaning. You get to earn cashback, enter the lucky draw, plus pay safely using Boost eWallet as a contactless payment!

This campaign ends on the 2nd of December 2020. Join any of these 3 Tesco Missions before then, as Boost has up to RM1,000,000 worth of Boost Tesco Wallet cashback to give away!

How do I join this campaign by Boost and Tesco?

Step 1: Open your Boost app, and go to your Profile.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on “Missions”

Step 3: Select your choice of Tesco Mission

Step 4: Click “Activate Now”

Step 5: Complete the Mission (make sure you pay with Boost and fulfill the respective requirements of your chosen mission)

Step 6: Get rewarded!

Almost 9 months into the pandemic now, Malaysians have gotten used to having groceries top of mind. More than ever before is having fresh food on the table so important. 

With that said, remember to share this good news! Let your loved ones know about this campaign so they too can save on their groceries during these tough times. 

This campaign ends on the 2nd of December, so hurry and join now!