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A Guide on How to Celebrate Ramadan to the Fullest during CMCO

30/04/2020Shen Lee

Blink and it’s fasting month once more! Granted, this year’s Ramadan may be different from previous years – what with all the uncertainty and restrictions that abound. 

But despite not being able to balik kampung to spend this time with our loved ones, we can still observe Ramadan in all its glory despite the air of uncertainty it brings. 

In fact, with all the initiatives from businesses and individuals alike, we can still celebrate Ramadan without missing out on any of the usual festivities! From the various ways you can donate to buying from your local bazaar – here is our guide to making the most of your Ramadan despite COVID-19.

Buying groceries for a home-cooked Iftar feast

1- Use online catalogues to plan in advance and limit grocery trips

Make groceries a weekly thing (or even once in 2 weeks if that’s feasible for you). Take some time out to plan your Sahur and Iftar meals for the week and form your grocery list accordingly. 

You could even go the extra mile for savings’ sake and plan your meals according to what’s on promotion right now. 

Don’t worry, you don’t even need to be instore to get your hands on the catalogues. We’ve linked them for you below so you can browse from the comfort of your home.

Ramadan Promotional Supermarket Catalogues

Validity period
Catalogue link
23 April 2020 – 6 May 2020
23 April 2020 – 6 May 2020
24 April 2020 – 7 May 2020

2- Get your groceries delivered to your doorstep

While your favorite grocery delivery platforms may be flooded with orders right now, there are plenty others who still have the capacity to deliver. The key is to anticipate late deliveries and  order in advance. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of online grocery delivery services which deliver during the Ramadan period.

  1. Potboy.com 
  2. MyGroser.com
  3. PantryExpress.my
  4. BigBoxAsia.com
  5. Tesco Groceries
  6. Grab Mart

Use the promo code MART2U for free delivery on Grab Mart, and as always – pay with your eWallet of choice to enjoy more value for the money you spend on groceries!

3- Get 30% off on sweet treats for buka puasa

We all need our scrumptious non-negotiable dates and cookiesfor Ramadan. Stock up wisely by making use of the Ramadan promotions below.

  1. Grab Mart: 30% off on Mahnaz Food with promo code RAYAMART 

If you’re going to buy your dates from the popular Mahnaz Food, you might as well buy via Grab Mart to enjoy 30% off. Promo code is only valid for orders placed before 5pm, with minimum spending of RM25. Pay via GrabPay to get those reward points too!

  1. AEON Hari Raya Kurma Promotion

Valid from 20 April 2020 – 3 June 2020, pick your preferred dates from AEON’s range of affordable dates.

Online shopping for your baju raya needs and more

1- Online Baju Raya & Fashion shopping promotions for Ramadan 2020

Promo Period
Promo Details
16 March 2020 – 8 June 2020
20 April 2020 – 31 May 2020
10 April 2020 – 30 June 2020
Fashion Valet
9 April 2020 –
7 June 2020
9 April 2020 –
7 June 2020
9 April 2020 –
7 June 2020
Touch’ n Go eWallet
6 April 2020 –
28 June 2020
Touch’ n Go eWallet
6 April 2020 –
28 June 2020
Touch’ n Go eWallet
6 April 2020 –
28 June 2020

2- Online Make up & Skincare shopping promotions for Ramadan 2020

Promo Period
Promo Details
YSL Beauty 
Venus Skin
The Body Shop
20 April 2020 – 19 May 2020
MUCA Skincare
Sinjune Diagnostic Healthcare
SF Beauty Skin
The Face Shop
03 April 2020 – 03 May 2020

Bring the joy of Ramadan bazaars into your own home

1- Buy from various e-bazaar platforms to support local businesses

Not being able to enjoy the usual festivity of Ramadan bazaars is a small price to pay for our health and safety. In its stead, many platforms have popped up to help bridge the gap between hungry fasters and merchants in need of customers. 

That’s right, you can still savour your Ramadan favourites during this period!

So the next time you’re thinking of buka puasa plans for the family, think of your local neighborhood vendors.

  1. Bazaar-Rakyat.com

Bazaar Rakyat is a web-based online bazaar which serves 8 states across Malaysia. Here, you can get everything from kuih to baju raya to murtabak from local merchants. Click here to start browsing Bazaar Rakyat

  1. Grab e-Kitchen

A joint effort by Grab, the Selangor state government and Hijrah Malaysia – Grab e-Kitchens provides a selected list of locations where local merchants can continue to sell food to be delivered to your doorstep. Orders can be made between 2:30pm – 6:00pm. 

To order, click on the “Order bazaar Ramadan favourites” tile in your Grab app homepage. Below are the locations serviced at the moment. 

  1. Petaling Jaya
  2. Damansara TTDI
  3. Subang Jaya
  4. Puchong
  5. Semenyih
  6. Seri Kembangan
  7. Klang
  8. Cyberjaya
  9. Bangi
  10. Ampang
  1. GrabExpress Ramadan

Another initiative by Grab to continue supporting local vendors and riders during this period is GrabExpress Ramadan. Through this, local vendors can continue selling their signature Ramadan delights from home with the help of Grab delivery personnel. 

To order, click on the “Delivering from home-based sellers” tile in your Grab app homepage.

2- Look for your neighborhood bazaar on Facebook

Can’t find your favorite dish on any of these platforms? Your usual neighborhood bazaar might be on Facebook – like this online bazaar from Subang Jaya!

Internet-savvy vendors have smartly taken to Facebook to continue business during Ramadan. With the assurance of a safe contactless delivery, all you have to do is scroll through the listings on the Facebook group and order directly from your vendor of choice.

3- Order from your favourite restaurants with DeliverEat

We don’t all have the time to cook up a feast everyday. Perhaps you’re overly concerned about the safety of ordering from local sellers?

In that case, you can still get your meals delivered to you for cheap via DeliverEat! Below are 2 ongoing promotions DeliverEat is having in conjunction with Touch ‘N Go eWallet. 

  1. FREE DELIVERY when you spend minimum RM15 with your Touch ‘N Go eWallet (worth RM5.00) 
  2. Get RM5 off when you spend minimum RM10 with your Touch ‘N Go eWallet on selected e-bazaar vendors. Use the promo code RAMADAN. 

Donating during times of crisis

A little goes a long way. Though many of us may be dipping into our emergency funds or facing unemployment during this period, donate what you can – and know that any charitable deed you can manage extends far beyond the value of the donation itself. 

Here are 3 ways to play your part this Ramadan from the safety of your home.

1- Utilize the “Zakat” feature in your Boost app

Under “Ramadan Highlights” in your Boost homepage, click on the “Zakat” tile to pay via your Boost eWallet. Convenient and simple, your future donations thereafter are a lot more seamless once you’ve created your account. For more details, check out our guide on How to Pay Zakat with eWallets.

2- Give back via Boost’s cashless charity donation features

Boost certainly makes charitable giving a breeze. After making a transaction with Boost, you can choose to donate your Shake reward to a charity of your choice. 

Another option is to tap on any charity of your choice and key in your desired donation amount. Of note is Tabung COVID-19 which was specially created by Boost to help those directly or indirectly affected by the current situation.

3- Look out for drive thru zakat collection counters at your mosque

Certain mosques may have also set up zakat collection counters to ease the donation process. However, cashless donations are still recommended during this period.

On maintaining the Ramadan family spirit

Gather virtually for buka puasa!

No doubt, the element of Ramadan that will be most dearly missed is having your Iftar meals with the entire extended family. Perhaps your open houses were something everyone looked forward to every year? 

Virtual gatherings may help to mend that hole for you. Gather everyone into a group call 15 minutes or so before. Come buka puasa, you’ll be able to replicate some of that joy of eating together. 

It might take some effort to help older family members navigate Zoom or Google Hangouts, but it’ll all be worth it in the end!

Ramadan Mubarak and a blessed Ramadan from all of us at eWhallet – your go-to for finding the best eWallet deals in Malaysia.