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Touch'n Go eWallet - Frequently Asked Questions

eWhallet Team

Touch ‘n Go e-wallet (TnG e-wallet) is a malaysian-based digital wallet and online payment platform, created in Kuala Lumpur in July 2017 as a strategic alliance between TnG e-wallet and Ant Group (formerly known as Ant Financial). It paved the way for consumers to make quick and seamless transactions at more than 280,000 points of contact via QR code such as payments for tolls, street parking, e-hailing, car-sharing or cab services via RFID or PayDirect

Additionally, users of TnG e-wallet can also purchase mobile credits, e-commerce products, food deliveries, movies tickets, bus fares, airline tickets, make peer-to-peer money transfers,renew car insurance, purchase unique insurance plans and many other things! 

In October 2019, a few of the Alibaba Group’s e-commerce websites began to collaborate with TnG e-wallet payments and later on it was extended to Lazada too! This was one of the key breakthroughs for the platform to be known as the ultimate digital wallet for online buys. 

Another notable achievement for TnG e-wallet was during the initial strike of Covid-19, it was one of the three e-wallets in Malaysia (alongside Boost and GrabPay) that was eligible for its users to receive an RM30 stimulus plan as part of the E-Tunai Rakyat program under the Budget 2020 plan, which encourages the adoption of cashless and mobile payment in Malaysia.

At this point, TnG e-wallet was a strong contender in the fintech scene. In an effort to advance their services, the ever-growing platform launched its loyalty programme – Goal Hunter in October 2020. The Goal Hunter was a campaign built for businesses to partner with the app to gain more customers via marketing schemes that reward users with a spectrum of #LebihBanyakEsktra cashbacks and e-Vouchers. TnG e-wallet users are able to collect rewards from a range of featured e-Vouchers from several brands on a monthly basis.

If you have not registered with TnG e-wallet due to any uncertainties, we have covered 10 common questions that are commonly asked by Malaysians: 

I want to pay for certain things in cash for budgeting reasons. Am I able to withdraw money from my TnG e-wallet account? 

As of now, TnG e-wallet does not have a feature that allows users to withdraw cash from their accounts. However, as mentioned previously, you can use your TnG e-wallet for various payments and it comes with a clear transaction history for you to easily track and manage your expenses. As such, it is easy to curate a budget according to your unique needs with TnG e-wallet. 

You can also store up to 3 credit/debit cards on your TnG e-wallet account. This is another great feature to help you compartmentalise your spendings. For example, one card can be used for utility bills and another can be used for luxury purchases. 

Can I transfer money from a TnG e-wallet account to a bank account? 

 As announced in 2020, TnG e-wallet users will soon be able to transfer funds to bank accounts. It has been confirmed that TnG e-wallet will incorporate the DuitNow QR of PayNet. This is Malaysia's National QR Standard, that will consolidate all contactless payment and digital wallet QR codes presented at participating merchants.

In addition, TnG e-wallet will also participate in the DuitNow ecosystem, which will provide an integrated and convenient path of connectivity between digital payment platforms. Currently, the DuitNow ecosystem has 40 banks and 9 of them are already providing DuitNow QR in their online banking systems. The remaining 38 banks, e-wallets and non-bank acquirers are intended to incorporate the unified QR code in the near future. 

Can I use TnG e-wallet to pay for petrol?

TnG e-wallet transactions are accepted in all Shell stations across the nation and it is also accepted at more than 420 Caltex stations in certain parts of the nation. This function is one of the many initiatives  to lessen the point of physical contacts Malaysians make at gas stations to combat the spread of Covid-19.  

Recently, the app has also implemented RFID fuel payments at Shell stations to further improve the convenience of customers. Syahrunizam Samsudin, the chief executive officer of TNG company said, “RFID is a key enabler for smart cities.Through this partnership with Shell Malaysia, we want to bring greater convenience to communities through TNG RFID technology.”

Can I use TnG e-wallet to pay for McDonald?

McDonals will always be a staple fast-food meal for locals, which is why many TnG e-wallet users are delighted to know that they can use their balance from the app to make payments at McDonald. This also includes drive-through orders and home delivery services. 

Can I reload my TnG e-wallet account at 7-Eleven? 

Yes, you can reload your account at any 7-Eleven counter. There are more than 5.5 million TnG e-wallet users who are able to purchase reload PINS as well as make product purchases via QR codes with their TnG e-wallets.

Can I use TnG e-wallet to pay for parkings?  

DBKL parking is available within the app. To secure parking payments, all you have to do is just launch TnG-ewallet and tap on the “Parking” icon on the home screen. Next, you have to tap on “Pay for Parking Now”, select your vehicle, followed by the council and area you are in. Once you have confirmed your parking duration and details, the amount will be directly deducted from your e-wallet balance. 

Additionally, you can also use PayDirect to make your parking purchases. The “PayDirect Parking” feature is designed to simplify your experience in three simple steps: 

  • Entry: When you enter the parking sites by tapping your TnG Card at the reader, the app will automatically create a parking session for you. At this stage, the app will send you a notification for your entry.

  • Exit: When you exit the parking sites and tap your TnG card at the reader,  the app will calculate the duration of your parking. If the parking duration is payable, it will be processed and completed in a matter of seconds. 

  • Payment: The app will settle the payment by deducting the amount from your TnG e-wallet balance and send you a notification of your payment.

I have started a small business, how do I become a TnG e-wallet merchant to boost my sales and gain recognition? 

TnG e-wallet has currently 14 million users (and counting), which actively demonstrates merchants under TnG e-wallet gain a high exposure in the market. All you have to do is head over to their website and sign up! The benefits of being partnered with TnG e-wallet is that it will widen your customer base, grant your business higher payment security, comes with a hassle-free cash management function and it provides a free business starter kit to boost your small business. 


How do I link TnG card to a TNG eWallet?

So far, TnG e-wallet still mainly operates as a stand-alone e-wallet. While you can register and link your TnG physical Cards to your account, you cannot use the e-wallet to top-up the card balance directly, and this has been a common issue for users. 

Hence, in November 2020, you can technically use your TnG e-wallet account to pay for tolls via the physical card. It is not exactly perfect, but at least it is a workaround for when you want to pay for tolls using your TnG e-wallet instead.  

It works like this:

  • Use your TnG physical card to pay at the toll

  • The toll fee will be deducted from your e-wallet balance, not directly from the card balance

How do I contact TnG e-wallet for any concerns or questions? 

If you have been scrolling and tapping on Google for answers for a long period in regards to any TnG e-wallet matters, you can always directly speak to one of their customer service providers to gain instant clarity and instructions on any issues you are facing. You can do this through 3 ways: 

  • You can call TnG e-wallet at +603-5022 3888 

  • You can visit their main office at TNG Digital Sdn Bhd Level 3A, Tower 6, Avenue 5, Bangsar SouthNo.8, Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • You can write to them here.  

Where can I use TnG e-wallet? 

TnG e-wallet supports payments at over 280,000 merchant outlets. There are numerous types of businesses that the app is supporting but these are the main forms of businesses that TnG e-wallet is recognised for: F&B outlets, supermarkets, grocery stores, convenient stores, speciality services and beauty retails. 

TnG e-wallet has been a part of Malaysia’s mobility journey for the past two decades. The ever-growing and evolving platform prides itself on simplifying your digital finances, supporting local businesses and bringing innovation to technology. The app continuously strives to be the top electronic payment option for Malaysians in hopes of moving the nation into a cashless society. The company’s values will always remain rooted in integrity, customer-focused solutions, teamwork and a passion for success. 

Speaking of success, it is evident that the competitors of TnG e-wallet has made major advancements over the last few years (mainly Boost and GrabPay), which means TnG e-wallet  will have to stay vigilant, creative and consistent in growing their platform to keep their place as one of Malaysia’s most sought after digital wallets. To learn more about this, continue reading here